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Let us help you make your workplace a safe workplace for your staff and a safe place for your customers cars 

Help stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic virus and do your bit to help thousands of others


  • 4-caster powder coated steel cart

  • Basket for tools

  • 2 handle extensions

  • Wide area brush (12") with clips

  • Triangle brush with clips

  • Window squeegee

  • Detail tools

    • 5 Nylon detail brushes

    • 5 brass detail brushes

    • 5 Stainless steel detail brushes

  • Instruction manual

  • 10' Flexible Monoblock Hose

  • Waterfill Bottle or Funnel

  • VaporLux® Commercial steam cleaning machines have a UL listing

  • 12 & 14 gauge wiring provides less resistance for 110-volt electricity

  • All switches are rated at 20 amps.

  • The 3.7 Liter 304 grade stainless cylindrical boiler is built to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) specifications. Our boilers are tested to 700 PSI yet operate at a maximum of 80 PSI.

  • The boiler, which is by far the most expensive component in the machine, is guaranteed for life.

  • The heating element in our machines is not manufactured as part of the boiler as some vapor machines are. Heating element is replaceable.

  • Our hoses have only 12-volt electricity for safe operation.

  • All of our units have external reset switches as well as internal resets that act as a safety backup system.

  • Exterior cases are either 304 grade stainless steel or enamel coated steel.



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